Membranous milkvetch root slice 黄芪 150gr

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Invigorates qi to elevate yang, consolidates superficies to stop sweating, induces diuresis to remove edema, and promotes pus discharge and tissue generation. 

Milk vetch root is commonly used in Chinese herbalism, where it is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs. 

Sweet and warm for invigorating qi and elevating yang, it is good for invigorating the spleen-qi and lung-qi and elevating the middle-jiao yang. It is always an important herb used to treat deficiency of the lung, lingering cough, deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and sinking of qi in the middle-jiao. Sufficient spleen-qi and lung-qi enable superficial qi to protect the body from diseases. 

The herb is often used for deficiency of qi and spontaneous perspiration. In addition, sufficient qi can help blood and water circulation, controling and generating blood. Therefore, the herb can be used in proper compatibility with other herbs to treat blood stasis due to deficiency of qi, hemorrhage due to cold of deficiency type, paleness due to deficiency of blood, edema (abnormally large amounts of fluid in the intercellular tissue spaces) due to deficiency of the spleen and other syndromes.
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